About G1 Runners

Firstly, welcome to the new G1 Runners website / blog. The first blog post is always going to be a bit boring however, in the coming weeks and months we will have interviews with some of the world's largest sneaker collectors, cover the largest events and have a look at some exclusive content and offers. 

We'll get the introduction out the way and let you know a bit more about the group and ourselves. 

So how did the group start?

Sean Kelly - It all started with Mark sending out a mass message to guys from Glasgow asking if we fancied meeting up and talking shit about trainers and taking pictures. Obviously i ran his name through police records etc to make sure he wasn't on any unpleasant registers. When that surprisingly came back clean we all met up. 

Mark Robinson - I'd been in Hong Kong and met @acyyw201 (Nicky) and followed him on social media, he was always out shooting kicks and hanging out with other guys like @bil_sizeniner and @momo_x_louis then posting all their meets on social media. I kind of thought why aren't we doing this, so I contacted 12 or 13 guys I followed on Instagram that I knew were all in and around Glasgow. We arranged to meet up and take some shots, 9 guys turned up and we all just kind of got on like we'd known each other for years, talked kicks for hours and basically began talking daily from then on.

What was the reason for reaching other to other local sneaker collectors?

SK - I think it was just a nice idea to talk to people with similar interests. Nothing beats having 12 - 13 pals who are just as buzzing when you pick up a shoe as you are. Previous to that i was just telling my missus / pals who weren't into sneakers, they just thought i was weird and wasting money, so it was nice meeting similar minded folk. 

MR - I have to agree with Sean, it was just really cool to chat with guys who were as amped about kicks as you are. We instantly started trading kicks and sharing info with each other, it really felt kind of like the old crooked tongues days with the ethos "show love drop knowledge."

What/who are your main influences in the sneaker world?

SK - My Influences? Thats a tough one, my life influence would be Seth Cohen from the OC, guy was legit the coolest. Sneaker influence would have to be all the HK sneaker groups i used to see on instagram. I always liked that they just seemed to be out having a laugh and appreciating good sneakers, there wasn't anything really like that in the UK.

MR - I guess I am kind of obsessed with Goldie, a very cool guy who seems to have it sorted, and he's into his kicks, although seems more about adidas theses days. I met him a few years back and absolutely lost my shit when i was chatting with him. Kicks wise I like what the guys @newbalance_gallery have done for the scene, proper obsessives and good guys. @lucasblackman has some amazing pairs and camera skills to boot. Too many others to name but I have a lot of love for quite a few guys in @44runners Jason, Nicolas Graham, Stephen Marcos to name a few.

Where do you see the group now?

SK - The group if purely a platform for likeminded people to connect, share knowledge and help each other out. We see it as a bit of a safe haven from all the places that are filled with people who are going through a phase or using the community as a platform to make money out of reselling sneakers. 

MR - Its definitely grew beyond what any of us imagined when it was just 9 or 10 guys meeting up and chatting shit. Now more people seem to have become interested in our values and ethos. Its kind of went beyond the make money at all cost thing that seems to be very prevalent in some groups and seems more old school like the @crookedtounges days when people just helped each other. 

Where do you see the group in five years time?

SK - We'll just see where it goes i guess. I'd like to continue doing our annual calendar with SneakersER and maybe look at doing some more collaborations. Maybe doing some sort of event on our own, not like a sneaker festival obviously, something low key. The FB group is doing well, a lot of new friendships have arisen from it already and we're doing a wee road trip to Liverpool for Laces Out!. So aye, just continue that stuff. 

MR - I would like us to be doing more social stuff on a larger scale, just bringing people together with no selling agenda, maybe a summer BBQ or something. I'd hope Sean may be a bit more help in the future too.

SK - I already do enough to be fair.

Whats your favourite brand / shoe?

SK - Asics are by far my favourite brand, in particular the Gel Lyte III. My favourite shoe has to be my Asics x Hanon GL3 'Wildcats', i never really though i'd own a pair so when i managed to get my hands on a pair i was buzzing for about 3 weeks straight. 

MR - I've got to say New Balance for me, i'm kind of old school and runners need to look like runners for me, I am probably the only one of the lads who is not into the whole boost thing. I am kind of obsessing about 998's right now but Im not sure i'd say I have a favourite model, I could maybe narrow it down to 3.

SK - I do like New Balance too, but maybe when i'm as old as Mark and Glasgow Rob i'll appreciate them a bit more.

We've attached some pictures of the first time all the G1 boys got together.