Solebox Amsterdam 1 Year Anniversary

Solebox Amsterdam 1 Year Anniversary

As everyone is aware, G1 Runners are basically taking over the world. As part of this we sent one of the G1 OG members, Nick, to go and check out the 1 year anniversary party at Solebox in Amsterdam. Below are his words and pictures;


Solebox Amsterdam turned one at the weekend, perfectly coinciding with airmax ‘day’ (now more of a month). Luckily we had some G1 presence over in the ‘dam to check it out and see how they do it over there.

The instore party served as a multi-purpose party being firstly, a pre-party for the first ever Solemart event run by solebox the following afternoon, the opening anniversary of the shop and basically a launch party for the SW 97’s that dropped the following day too. So there was a lot to be expected.

Coming from Glasgow where the sneaker scene is still very much up and coming to a place like Amsterdam is a culture shock. Going to the party thinking there will be plenty of space to shoot and chat and grab a beer but instead being faced with a sea of people from wall to wall, head to toe in all the top streetwear brands. Flexing to a whole other level! I knew I shouldn’t have worn my crocs!

The booze was flowing and stereotypical trap and hip hop beats filled the shop, inside and out. Some familiar faces in the crowds and some familiar pairs you might only see a few times in person. All in all a very cool party busy from start to finish which definitely would have had a few people in bed most of the next day (myself included).